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About Libro Musica

Live music stirs my heart and breathes life into my world.

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” – Kahlil Gibran

When capturing pictures or video at a live performance, I bring the same passion that I bring as a music fan.  There is no way to fully reproduce the experience that is live music yet, I joyously make the attempt.  It’s my goal to share just enough of what I hear, see and feel that it inspires you to learn more about the artists presented in these pages and their music.  My mission is accomplished if you decide to head out and celebrate the magic of live music.

Artists and bands, if you would like to have me cover a show, reach out and hopefully the stars align for me to be in the front row.  If you are a musician or artist that I have captured here, thank you for the gift of your music. 


Why Choose Libro Musica?

find new music

When Spotify or iTunes is coming up short, take a look here at Libro Musica.  You just may find your new favorite artist or new music from one that you already love. Pull up one of our spotlight playlists the Libro Musica YouTube Channel.

uniQUE vision

Music fan first and photographer second.  I prefer shooting from the floor from the perspective of a ticket holder.  I capture the memories so fans like you can enjoy the show. Find photos and videos here or on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

we support the scene

Shop local goods. Eat local food. Support locally owned businesses.  What better way that than to support local musicians and the venues where they perform.

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