Getting Funky in Nashville at Alley Taps

Nashville is more than country music, as I have learned from covering artists like Basecamp, Seersha and Kara Kole.

Tonight, soul singer Kara Kole introduced me to a couple of alternatives to the stereotypical Nashville country music scene.  First on the list was the LA Jackson rooftop bar.  Atop the Thompson Hotel, LA Jackson offers craft cocktails, beer & wine, plus creative small plates, in a swanky rooftop bar with the perfect view of Nashville’s skyline.

After enjoying some great conversation backed by the top 40 urban soundtrack at the LA Jackson, we queued up a Lyft to head to Printer’s Alley and Alley Taps.  We were doubly surprised by the Tesla Model X that rolled up as our ride and by discovering that our driver, Gene, was the father of America’s Got Talent contestant Chase Goehring.  To make the ride even more interesting, I coaxed Kara to give our driver a sampling of her talented voice.  Who know at Tesla X would be ideal acoustically for an impromptu concert.

With this kind of a start I had high expectations for what would unfold for the rest of the night. Printer’s Alley is the home of Nashville’s nightclub district that dates back to the 1940s.  Of the many bars and clubs in Printer’s Alley we headed over to Alley Taps.  Alley Taps isn’t your typical Nashville music location.

Alley Taps is not like the typical bar or saloon you will find in the heart of Music City. No, no. We are more of the low key place where you take your out of town friends to show off the old Nashville, where the drinks are good and the music is better.

Tonight the Alley Taps Funk Jam was the feature of the night.  I have discovered that open mic jams are a great way to hear and meet talented musicians.   Tonight was no exception with over a dozen artists coming to the stage and weaving that special magic of unrehearsed live music performances.

Libro Musica Live at Alley Taps

Walking down Printer’s Alley, my thoughts drifted to the number of other music patrons that have walked the same steps to enjoy music here.    It’s great to be able to capture a few of these moments to share on Libro Musica Live!

Take a listen to this funky improved version of “Mary Jane” by Rick James.

If you are on in Nashville and on the hunt for something that’s not a little bit country be sure to check out the Alley Taps Funk Jam.

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