Blondie Rage and Rapture Tour in Atlanta

The Blondie Rage and Rapture Tour took to the stage on a rainy night at the Chastain Park Amphitheater.  Summer outdoor concerts are often made memorable by the weather.  Tonight was one of those nights when despite the need to dodge raindrops, pull out rain coats & umbrellas and most importantly protect the wine and candles from intermittent showers the show will be one to remember.

The legendary Deborah Harry, stepped  onto stage with a long black cape, sunglasses and a black and yellow striped bee hat  The bee hat was a nod to her latest album Pollenator.  About the hat she said it “represents a bee’s butt.” and that we “we need these little pollinators” as she turned around to display the phrase Stop Fucking The Planet on the back of her cape.  As the crowd roared their appreciation, Blondie kicked off the set with the crowd pleaser “One Way Or Another.”

With this new wave classic the damp and soaked crowd shaked off the rain and danced in their seats.  Digging deeper into their catalog the band performed “Hanging on the Telephone” from 1978’s  Parallel Lines . To give the crowd a listen to something new they performed “Fun” from their latest album Pollenator.

Blondie continued to take the crowd back and forth between the old and new as Clem Burke kicked off an extended drum solo to introduce “Call Me” followed by “Monster” and then on to “Rapture.”

Back when MTV was actually a thing for teenagers to listen to new music, my friends and I would gather at our one friend’s place that had cable TV and enjoy our idle youth hearing new music.  I first heard Blondie on the song “Rapture.”  This crazy mix of funk, disco and and hip hop made me a fan for life and her music helped lead me to my all time favorite new wave artist Adam Ant.

The night continued with a cover of “Everybody Must Get Stoned” and Blondie originals “Fragments”, “Too Much”, “Long Time” and “Atomic” 

“Atomic” was followed by a hard rocking modern arrangement of “Heart of Glass.”   At the end of the night’s set with soaked hair and damp picnic provisions the crowd murmured with appreciation for appropriateness for the “The Tide is High”

After first hearing Blondie over 25 years ago it was a pleasure to at long last seen the and perform live.  Despite the rain it was a Sunday night well spent.

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