Seersha’s Self Titled EP Live at Aisle 5

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer Seersha dropped her first single, “Wasteland,” back in February.  Since then she has released her full self titled EP, Seersha, which you can get in all the usual places like iTunes and Spotify.  After hearing “Wasteland” and getting a chance to talk with Seersha about her music I have been curious about how the songs would translate into an onstage performance.  Tonight at Aisle 5 in Little Five Points I finally had a chance to see Seersha on stage.  Accompanying Seersha on stage tonight was the incredible bass player B.E.N.

Seersha started out the show playing the first three songs on her EP, “What You Want”, “Did You” and “Paper.”  She says that she “wanted to experiment with having the experience of the record in a live setting. The songs are very fresh live, I haven’t played them out much so it’s fun getting a sense for the audience’s vibe with the songs and the show flow.”  The reaction of the crowd was a responsive one with everyone crowding toward the stage to get closer to the experience.  Shouts of encouragement and exuberant applause for Seersha’s music was a definite sign that she is on to something special with her music..

She broke up the set by pulling out her guitar and performing “Home” a mellow yet emotional song.  From here she moved on to my favorite song from the EP and her favorite song to perform “Wasteland.”



We were treated to an early listen to Seersha’s new single “Typical” which drops later this month on July 21st.  This song is an uptempo pop song perfect for summer time listening.  The night ended with the emotionally intense “Your Name.”

Be sure to check out the EP for yourself on iTunes or Spotify and add Seersha to your music library.

While you are at you you should also take a listen to B.E.N.’s latest EP Be Easy Now on Spotify.


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