NEW MUSIC: Sir Sly – “Altar”

Los Angeles-based Sir Sly (comprised of Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen) released a new single today, called “Altar.”  Landon’s manscaped vocals sing of love gone by while the rhythms play in the beat like tropical fish around a corrugated reef. The lyrics tell the ups and downs of a common tale, and are delivered with enough juice to jump start a Prius. Meanwhile, synth melody shivers like a back being scratched under the fingernails of the percussion. Building towards the finale, the song swerves from dependence to untethered independence with backing vocals singing Glory! to help make the point. The steady beat throughout serves as a nice contrast to the varying intensity of the vocals.

I can’t wait to hear the remixes.

Check out Sir Sly’s “Altar” here:

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