Libro Musica Presents: Truett

Earlier we heard Dreambrother and Kara Kole as part of tonight’s Libro Musica Presents event at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta. Brooklyn Basement Records artist Truett took to the stage to close out the night of blues, rock and soul music.  The advertising for tonight’s show said of Truett…

Truett will take you from the Mississippi Delta to Prince’s Minneapolis, Chicago blues to Bowery Punk, down through Outkast’s Atlanta and out the other side of the psychedelic rabbit hole. That explosive mix makes for a singular experience. Truett is more than the sum of his influences; what he does is unique and spectacular. His work is evocative of many things, but a carbon copy of nothing that came before. He’s classic and modern, new and old, absolutely stunning in his raw, unbridled authenticity.

One of my earliest memories of Truett comes from his days at Darwin’s Burgers & Blues when his set was primarily cover music.  I put in a request to hear him play the music of one of my favorite artists.  He smiled and shook his head to say “Man, I don’t know any of his songs.”  A few weeks later he greeted me before he started his weekly set at Darwin’s and said “I got a little something for you tonight, Antonius.”  Indeed he did as he and the band ripped through Prince’s “Purple Rain.”  How could I not be a fan for life after that?

Since then I have watched, listened and enjoyed Truett’s growth as a musician.  From his days performing at Darwin’s Burgers & Blues to signing with Ron Pope’s Brooklyn Basement Records to releasing his first self title EP, Truett, to his national and European tour, I have seen Truett continue to grow to reach new heights in his career.  Seeing him on the stage tonight was quite the treat for me to see all of his hard work and determination paying off.

Watching and listening to Truett one quickly sees that he loves his music.  As he closes his eyes and loses himself to the music his talent emerges.  Apart from his affable personality between songs, lost in the music is where Truett best connects with his audience.  Pouring his heart and soul out through the strings of one of his many guitars and at last sharing his personal stories through his lyrics.

Truett “Deliver Me”

Truett “Left In The Dark”

In addition to songs from this debut EP, Truett, we got to hear two songs ( “Fire” and “Time to Time”) from his upcoming EP.   With these songs Truett continues to show that the sky and beyond are the limits for where his music will go.  I look forward to my first listen to the rest of the songs on the EP.  Stay tuned to Libro Musica for details on the EP as they develop.

Truett enjoys his photos in black and white so I had to oblige…

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