Therapy For The Heart and Soul With Live Music

Do you remember the last great concert you saw? What or who did you see, smell, taste, hear, and touch? What made it different? What memory did it trigger? Do you remember what the performer shared to make you feel closer to them? I am sure you consciously, or unconsciously, scanned the room for hot people to heighten the experience. Spotted someone who just had that certain somethin’ somethin’ that made you stop in your tracks. Give yourself a few seconds; I’m sure you can download that file.

We need live music. Unlike eating, or having sex; there is no obvious value: yet we have been so profoundly altered by a performance that it lingers with us. When we listen to a song alone, it helps us access thoughts and feelings on a personal level. But who can deny that the legitimate impact of sound, and silence, in a room full of strangers? It activates all of the other senses in indescribable ways. It can build a bridge between the individual to a shared humanity; a mental, spiritual and emotional connection. We shed our fractured selves and we get raw and real; with others. That intensely charged energy can create hope and unity.

As a therapist, I have seen the short and long term impact of music on my clients’ lives. Because live music creates an atmosphere of connected communication, it increases optimism and well being. Music helps us identify and move through painful experiences, dispels anxiety and reduces stress levels. There are many studies that prove that music reduces pain; listeners secrete large amounts of endorphins which reduce suffering. It also stimulates brain cells; strong melodies and light also affects several different areas of the brain.

It has been proven that music has an enormous impact on our quality of life in terms of human physiology; physical, emotional, and overall coping skills.We have been needing it since prehistoric times, when our ancestors were banging on bones and mimicking animal sounds. We have always craved shared sound to connect.

So we all know, on a visceral level, that live music makes us feel more deeply. But what we keep forgetting, is that sharing music can also lead to: new friendships, relationships, and even great sex. Hell, why not? With all of those senses being activated at the same time, why wouldn’t it? So, go support the music you love; then act responsibly on all those new feelings; it can change your life.

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