Siamese Dream Brings Smashing Pumpkin Sound and Energy to MadLife Studios

Atlanta hard rock bassist, Amy Epperley is a friend of mine so I gladly headed out to MADLIFE  Studio in Woodstock GA for the Smashing Pumpkin Tribute with Siamese Dream.  Seeing Amy on Madlife’s beautiful stage in such a solid band was seriously rewarding. I’m really digging the branding that MadLife is creating for live music: always exceptional, with how Kerrie Levi is booking bands it’s obvious the quality of the music comes first. Some folks might say Tribute Bands don’t do much for original artists though that needs to be a stand alone article.  In short, from this musician, I strongly disagree IF they deliver the goods, get people out for live music and leave people wanting more it’s mission accomplished.  Atlanta’s Siamese Dream delivers all of that.

Siamese Dream is: Steve Money – Vocals/Guitar, Andres Sosa – Guitar/Keys, Amy Epperley – Bass, Jason Monsuer – Drums

You need love, commitment and big ambition to take on the Pumpkins and Billy Corgan because you have  to do it right or that fan base will let you know instantly. Atlanta’s Siamese Dream,  named after the very successful album released by the band in 1993, brought it in a way people not familiar with the deep cuts and die hards will (and did) enjoy it. Favorites were there such as “Mayonaise”, “1979” and “Disarm” which are always crowd pleasers.  I’d imagine that had it been a standing audience show rather than tables, there would have been people on top of the stage giving back the energy the way it was delivered, which was full throttle.

The energy from the crowd at this sold out show mixed with all the passion that the popular and deep cut Smashing Pumpkins music brings made a great performance experience even cooler. The intensity is there and shared by everyone on stage, vocals are great and with Jason behind the skins hitting every syncopated punch the way they need to be hit I’m sure Jimmy Chamberlin (SP original drummer) would be grinning… it was a killer show. The crowd response at the finish made clear we all felt that way. IF you’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan or not you’ll have a great time watching these guys.

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