Punk Rockin’ with Jackknife Stiletto at the Milestone

Last night the first band to hit the stage at The Milestone Club was Jackknife Stiletto, a trio of some fishnets-wearing, punk-playing ladies from New York City. With Mel Funk on drums and backing vocals, Roxane P. on bass, and Annie Stoic as the guitar slinging lead, they played a set that was writhing with the loud, just barely domesticated savagery of punk.

The first song, “Stalker”, put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’. They played a cover of “Wannabe” in a way I’d never imagined. The group’s unrestrained rawness walloped the song into sounding genuine [again]. They play their own brand of femme punk that could crush your empties with its rock-heavy sound. Even the tallboys.

With the mad vibrations they throw out, Jackknife Stiletto might be appreciated by those with congenital deafness. Not only was the sound dirty and delicious, it was an ultimately satisfying tactile experience as well. The musical ambassadors to the Deaf community should know about these ladies.

“Ricochet” was introduced as “a song about being shot”, and carried an uptempo rhythm and a harmony tight enough to hold together but loose enough to jump around in. This is music that you can throw things to. This is music that could instantly make any moment more interesting. I hope to hear Jackknife Stiletto the next time I’m waiting for the dentist.

If you are a fan of punk, spirit, and integrity, check out Jackknife Stiletto. They play a lot of shows and they play hard.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: