The Hip Abduction Features Upbeat Tunes and New Tropical Ale at Sweetwater 420 Festival

The Hip Abduction is a group with a surprisingly unique approach not just to making music, but to living life itself. Their collaboration with the Sweetwater 420 festival is about upbeat music, light tropical beer, and great vibes for all their fans who attend. The St. Petersburg, FL based band has a worldly sound including island dub and reggae inspiration, jam band vibes, classic rock guitar, and the use of the West African stringed instrument called a kamale ngoni.

2016 Sweet Water 420 Fest

Songs like “Ka’iwi” have an easy, floaty feel that will please listeners of all different backgrounds. They play with talking classic rock guitar licks, and echoey emotion filled vocals, but still maintain their island feel. Other tracks like the authentically positive “Stand Up for Love” have an upbeat, jam band feel that is filled with Grateful Dead-esque simple but glowingly happy lyrics. The Hip Abduction will set will stand out among others with their zipping spacey guitars and jazzy brass solos that show a skillful, enthusiastic passion for experimentation.

The group is diverse, sunny, and relate able, so the brew that Sweetwater 420 festival created with them is a perfect fit. Hipbiscus Tropical Ale is described as “a light and crisp pale ale, made a touch of wheat, Cascade and Amarillo hops, and a zest of hibiscus and passion-fruit.” You will be able to try the ale at the festival’s beer tents and you can actually hear the band talk a little about how they helped create the brew at the SweetWater Experience Tent. The beer tent is going to be a great part of the festivities but don’t get caught up there during The Hip Abduction’s set. It is going to be one of the most danceable but musically distinct sets of the whole event.

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