New Music: Low Key Ambient Sounds on Barely Breathing by Ghost Loft

Ghost Loft, the LA songwriter, producer, and vocalist Danny Choi, recently dropped a new low key ambient track, “Barely Breathing.” “Barely Breathing” takes on the heavy topic of depression with great lyrics and slow moving tones.

I’m barely breathing
no longer feeling
I’m slowly singing
Right off the deep end
There is no end,
I need a reason to breath

Take some time to listen to “Barely Breathing” and then reach out to a friend to remind them that we all have a reason to breath.

Most people who die bysuicide have depression as the underlying cause. According to Mental Health America 30% to 70% of suicide victims suffer from major depression or bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder.

“Barely Breathing” adds to Ghost Loft’s sporadically growing catalog of music. Ghost Loft’s first tracks, released in 2012, “Blow” and “Seconds” were followed by “So High” in 2013.  “So High”  was featured on Whiz Kahlifa’s Blacc Hollywood album.  Ghost Loft has also put out four-track EP Chocolate Haze followed in 2015. Not afraid of producing tracks with a social connection, his 2014 track “Be Easy” utilizes scenes from the Rodney King incident in LA and Civil Rights era riot scenes to give the lyrics a higher meaning..  .

Somewhere along the way
Our paths had gone astray
And nothing else remained
Everything has changed,
Nothing is the same

Just be easy, just be easy

Even if you may say that electronic music isn’t your thing Ghost Loft is an artist that you should take some time to listen to.  You can hear more of Ghost Loft on Soundcloud, iTunesand Spotify.