New Music: Long Live The Angels with Emeli Sandé

Soulful Scottish singer songwriter Emeli Sandé‘s second album Long Live the Angels (Deluxe) is a powerful follow up to her debut 2012 album Our Version of Events.  The deluxe version of Long Live The Angels has 18 tracks which gives us just over an hour of her rich smooth soprano voice and lyrics that will move your soul.  Music stirs the emotions, and this album is one that takes your emotional pain and earnestly stirs in a somber malaise.  I can image this being a type of therapy for someone not quite ready to step out of the darkness of a past relationship but needs the comfort of knowing that someone else has survived similar pains.  Then again, this album may just serve as a shadowed reflection of the blood and tear stained journey that someone has taken.

I typically enjoy my soul music to be of the sensual kind but was still able to connect in a meaningful way to Long Live the Angels. Emeli Sandé’s voice alone was enough to keep me listening but her lyrics and arrangements made the album one I added to my music library.  I enjoyed listening to the album and a few songs touched me along the way.  These included “Selah”, “Breathing Underwater”, “Give Me Something” and “Garden”.

The opening song “Selah” is one about rebirth. “Selah” has Emeli Sandé singing over an otherworldly choir background.  The spirituality and pain of “Selah” sets the stage for what to expect on many of the songs on Long Live The Angels with Emeli Sandé laying her heart and soul open.  When speaking about “Selah” she said:

It’s about a brand new stage in my life that had its up and downs but I hope other people consider it, a celebration or a story of survival or becoming stronger.

One song that speaks to finding a better place after going through troubling times is “Breathing Underwater.”  Once again Emeli Sandé pours over the somber background music.  The video for “Breathing Underwater” takes four stories of anguish and hurt and shows that no matter how far life drags you down you can still find freedom and soar.

With it’s raspy acoustic guitar and slow vocals “Give Me Something” Emeli Sandé switches to a more folk sound.  2016 was a year filled with division and hateful messages.  As I listened to this track I realized that 2017 will be an amazing year if each of us yearned and worked for from something closer to heaven.

I’m just so sick
Of the dream they’re selling
It doesn’t feel like heaven
At all, at all

Give me something
Give me something
Give me something
I can believe in – ‘Give Me Something” Emeli Sandé

On “Garden” Emeli Sandé teams with Jay Electronica and Aine Zion to put together finger snappin’ head bobbin’ love song.  I have to applaud any song that manages to condense the Purple Rain love story to a few bars and use it as an example of the type of love one should pursue.

Looking at her tour dates, it looks like Europe is my only option for seeing her perform on stage.  Stay on the lookout should she come to the US.  Until then pick up Long Live the Angels (Deluxe) on iTunes or stream it on Spotify and let me know how it moves your soul.