Pre Opening of Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club

From 2012 until this summer, Steve’s Live Music in Sandy Springs was the place to go to hear local and national songwriters and musicians.  Known for it’s cozy intimate atmosphere, weeknights at Steve’s Live Music featured traditional music, including Irish folk, Bluegrass, Dixieland Jazz, Polka, and Blues.  Every weekend original music by singer/songwriters was featured.  In this intimate setting I managed to see and grow to love the music of many new artists.

In June, Steve Grossman, the Steve of Steve’s Live Music, closed the doors with the plan to  bring live music to other places around Atlanta.  Tonight’s Pre Opening of Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club was an example of what Steve has been doing since June and a preview of things to come.  With events planned at Five Seasons Westside on Friday and Saturday nights the weekend will be filled with jazz and blues.  Artists in the weekend’s lineup include: Michelle Malone, Barry Richman, Matthew Kaminski, Deb Bowman, Emrah Kotan, Karla Harris, The Bonaventure Quartet, Charles Williams, Marla Feeney, Little G Weevil, Kevin Bales and more.

Tonight’s show was the first of Steve’s productions that I have seen since leaving the venue in Sandy Springs.  Once I saw the lineup I knew that Steve was continuing his tradition of bringing music fans some of the best in the business.

Every table was filled and people lined the bar when I arrived.  The venue was still in the early stages of the build out but felt intimate and cozy with candles at every table and paper lanterns providing the subtle lighting.  With two sold out shows for the weekend, I would imagine that the Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club has found an audience.  Now it’s up to Steve to transform this space into one that we music fans can call home.

What’s a jazz and blues club without some good eats and drinks.  The food menu had an assortment of things to nibble on including sandwichs, small plates and an assortment of sides.  The bar was fully stocked with an ample selection of beers on tap.

Michelle Malone Live Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club

Atlanta native and Grammy nominated Michelle Malone was one of tonight’s performers.  Originally on the Arista label, Michelle Malone has been an independent musician since 1992.  Since then she has dropped over a dozen albums, had her music featured on True Blood and Dawson’s Creek.  Michelle Malone’s music would fit into the broad Americana genre with elements of folk, blues and rock blended with her well crafted lyrics.  Her set was a crowd pleasing one as she tore her way through some of her rocker songs and sang a couple of soft ballads.

Michelle Malone “Preacher’s Daughter”

I started singing in church when I was about 4, and my mom, a single parent, supported the family by singing in clubs and bars, doing everything from the hits of the day to jazz and blues standards. So I grew up being exposed to all kinds of music. – Michelle Malone

Barry Richman Band Live Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club

Barry Richman has been shredded guitar with the best of the for many many years.  The list of bands and musicians that he has performed beside is a who’s who list of musical legends.  Not many people can drop names like The Allman Brothers, John Lee Hooker, The Drek Trucks Band, Zac Brown Band, Pat Travers, Lee Ritenour, Stanley Jordan, Angela Reign… well you get the idea.  Barry Richman is an old school rock guitarist with a funk riddled, bluesy, jazzy and psychadelic style.  Barry Richman plays with the enthusiasm of an 18 year old punk rocker but with skills and style that he has acquired over the past 25 years.

Thanks Steve for continuing to bring some of the greatest musicians to the stage.  If you missed the Pre Opening this weekend, be sure to be on the lookout for the opening of Five Seasons Westside Jazz and Blues Club.  With Steve Grossman at the helm it has the makings to ultimately become an iconic venue for jazz and blues music here in Atlanta.