Ticketmaster Lawsuit May Get You Free or Discounted Tickets

If you have purchased tickets from Ticketmaster in the last decade or so, you probably have some free tickets (or at least a discount voucher) waiting in your Ticketmaster account.  To find your free tickets log in to your Ticketmaster account and click “Active Vouchers.”  The vouchers will only be valid for a select set of shows for a limited number of fans so check in early and often. .

These tickets and discounts are the result of a recently settled Ticketmaster lawsuit may get you discounted tickets for future concerts.  One common complaint that I hear from music fans about Ticketmaster is the additional costs tacked onto a ticket purchase.  Rest assured, you aren’t the only person that felt that these fees were excessive.

Back in 2003, five Ticketmaster customers filed a class action lawsuit which claimed that Ticketmaster’s order processing fees and delivery prices were “excessive and deceptive.”  The lawsuit,  Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, has finally come to an approved and finalized settlement of $400 million.

If you are one of the 50 million people, like me, that purchased a ticket on Ticketmaster’s website from Oct. 21, 1999, through Feb. 27, 2013 you can get a discount on future online ticket purchases. Ticketmaster is emailing customers and asking that you check you account on or around June 18th to get your discount code.  You will receive one code for each impacted transaction for up to 17 purchases. The discount code will be for $2.25.  If you used UPS to deliver tickets during those dates you will also receive a $5.00 discount code that can be used for a future purchase where you have tickets shipped to you.

You can read the settlement agreement here.  Visit the Ticketmaster/Live Nation Ticket Code Dedicated Site Home Page.

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